About Us

Fun Fact: Legends has no windows.

Depending on when you first arrived in Southern Colorado Springs you might remember 2790 Hancock Expressway as something other than Legends Rock Bar. Maybe it was the grocery and liquor store or perhaps it was a topless bar. Legend's Co-owner Jerry Fishburn bought what was originally a pool hall known as Golden Cue and opened up Jerry McNasty's in the early 90s.

Times Change, so did the venue.

The topless bar flourished throughout the 90s, with three main stages, a waterfall, and table dances they were on a road towards success. That was until laws changed within city limits. Dancers were no longer allowed to make physical contact and couldn't be within 3 feet of customers. Business would soon go to the clubs outside city limits. Even a change of name and change of owners did not help the bars success.

Legends Rock Bar opened in 2014

With the help of his family Jerry was able to completely remodel the building and open up Legends Rock Bar in 2014.